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Опубликовано 12 октября 2019 года
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Death Wobble in Real Life. Terrible situation.

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Sergey322 12 октября 2019 года в 16:41 16
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Boten Red Wolf 12 октября 2019 года в 17:06 190
"My car is incredibly unsafe" as he drives with one hand while making a video with the other.
Indrid Cold 17 октября 2019 года в 17:16
He was, also not watching the road.
KFStreich 16 октября 2019 года в 02:07
Car "my driver 9s unsafe, I'm kicking his arse!"
Jake Browne 15 октября 2019 года в 01:06
His was only a tire imbalance
Big Nuke 14 октября 2019 года в 01:38
Homebrew Horsepower 12 октября 2019 года в 17:25 75
It's hilarious all of the incorrect explanations people are throwing in the comments here. First things first, not all front end vibrations are death wobble. Only about half of the incidents shown in this video were death wobble. Death wobble can only occur in vehicles with solid front axles. That means anything with an independent front suspension is immune. So essentially some Jeeps and some heavy duty trucks. That's it. Death wobble is an amplifying oscillation in the steering of a solid front axle vehicle. Once the oscillation begins, only gradual deceleration to a speed below about 20 mph (35 kph) will stop the wobble. It is caused by worn front end components. The parts most likely to cause it are worn track bar (panhard bar) ends, or worn tie rod or drag link ends.
Norm Hodgkinson 17 октября 2019 года в 13:41
@Drampa Dreg, you be correct. it all started in 1979 when American Motors approached the Chinese Govt. about building cars in that country.
Drampa Dreg 17 октября 2019 года в 12:14
@Norm Hodgkinson And Jeeps made in Beijing which is to say 85% of Jeeps. Cheap trucks.
Chad M 16 октября 2019 года в 17:13
Had an 06 3/4 ton dodge.  Found out my panhard bard bushings were wore out when I was doing about 80 mph down the freeway.  That will get your attention quick
Chad M 16 октября 2019 года в 17:11
I'm just glad I'm not the only person who knows what a panhard bar is...  I used that term at the parts house and dealership and they just look at you stupid
nick beaman 16 октября 2019 года в 14:30
RIP Donald Trump agreed
airfurce 12 октября 2019 года в 16:51 94
Thus, the importance of maintaining your front suspension.
Kenneth Mc 17 октября 2019 года в 12:38
Yeah, it is important. But its unacceptable for a truck that is less than 3 years old to shake like that, or even shake at all. Specifically the truck at 4:44
hArDsTyLe2259 16 октября 2019 года в 23:48
Ye uwu
nick beaman 16 октября 2019 года в 13:59
Maintenance on brand new vehicles? This is a fault in the design. This is from manufacturers redesigning things that have worked for decades. If it isnt broke why change it?
Essential Tech 15 октября 2019 года в 18:21
@Ken Bond yeah
Ken Bond 15 октября 2019 года в 18:18
@Essential Tech partly it's just mood. But I sincerely have a problem with car makers who "cheap out" and especially on aspects which threaten safety. These cars and trucks need never do this shit.
Николай Любинский 12 октября 2019 года в 18:29 72
Воблинг - термин для двухколёсной техники, а на видео дебилы которые банально не следят за состоянием своих авто (дисбаланс колёс и убитая ходовка)
Иван К. 19 октября 2019 года в 05:00
@Sergey322 особенности неисправной подвески. Половина авто полный привод с макферсоном. Если люфт на рулевом градусов 90 и не такое можно увидеть на скорости под 100
Таз Таз 15 октября 2019 года в 19:27
Девятка с раз ёба. Ной ходовой.!!!???
Maxim Zhdanov 15 октября 2019 года в 19:18
@Велоник Роман сказал наездник на чепырке😁
Влад Константинов 14 октября 2019 года в 21:20
Т.е. на заднем приводе такого нет?
MisterX 13 октября 2019 года в 19:20
Google Translate makes your comments unintentionally hilarious in English.
Dodge Journey 15 октября 2019 года в 04:51 13
Takes it to dodge dealer for problem
Dealer: No sir that’s normal Chrysler shake.
Theo Andersen 17 октября 2019 года в 23:19
Yeah I'd noticed that a majority of these vehicles were chrysler manufactured.....Ie. Dodge and Jeeps. A few old chevys and fords but thats what happens when you dont service an old truck enough.
Charles Lan caster 13 октября 2019 года в 14:55 12
Oh so that's why i see more cross eyed woman driving jeeps
kendylsingz 14 октября 2019 года в 21:14
Charles Lan caster i hate that i understand this
James Stark 14 октября 2019 года в 18:19 5
I have never had any car in my life do this ever.
Ryan Scherbluk 17 октября 2019 года в 17:18
James Stark My cars old and has little vibrations down the road but I mean little nothing like the videos
Sam Turberville 16 октября 2019 года в 00:24 1
Dodge products are the worst I would recommend replacing the whole front end after market parts
Alex Khilko 15 октября 2019 года в 18:09 2
Жалко никто в кювет не улетел, придурки, нужно же так укатать машину. видно же что наконечники рулевые болтаются в 1 см.
CrazyCarNerd 13 октября 2019 года в 02:35 18
3:50 half expected that ball joint to pop out
Rajkiran Natarajan 17 октября 2019 года в 06:27 0
It started going down when Fiat came into the FCA picture
K Digiacomo 16 октября 2019 года в 07:17 0
5:27 WTF is he doing with his steering wheel? Looks like he's on a boat in some waves/wakes or slow dancing.
Just Because 12 октября 2019 года в 18:15 22
I had a f-250 do that and it turned out to be a front tie rod.
Matt Elfert 15 октября 2019 года в 01:30
@Burt Burt why do you reply on every comment? Troll much?
Rick hctep 14 октября 2019 года в 08:46
I f you look at one of the early videos in this compilation it shows the wear on the track rod end.
Robert Cruz 14 октября 2019 года в 01:04
No s*it. lol
Burt Burt 14 октября 2019 года в 00:32
ryding with ryan: Like I stated before, modern engineering( like 20 years ago), so independent...
ryding with ryan 13 октября 2019 года в 23:12
Burt Burt is it independent or solid front axle?
Deereman 13 октября 2019 года в 04:03 20
3:21. “My car is incredibly unsafe...” holding camera and ranting while driving 60 mph in car...
PlymouthVT 17 октября 2019 года в 09:09 0
I will never ever ever own another Chrysler product.
John Gavina 14 октября 2019 года в 00:25 9
There's something loose in my front end so let's just send it lol.
Patrick Baptist 14 октября 2019 года в 14:26
I had a Jeep that did it and yeah stomping the go pedal made it straighten up, some places you can't just stop like on interstates that don't have a shoulder.
Ckc dillpickle 13 октября 2019 года в 01:32 25
2:53 oh well theres your problem. Its a Fiat jeep
tallll70 16 октября 2019 года в 06:34
@Ckc dillpickle Nahh, people believe whatever they like, I can't afford excessive unreliability, if it would happen to me, things would have to change. Until then I like my stuff... But hey, poop where ever you want, I'm not going to stop you
dr. breen's beard 15 октября 2019 года в 12:07
@Hemi Powered thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Its common knowledge fiat produces low-grade dog shit for high-margin profit. Basically the method of operation of the big 3 in recent years. Its why toyota weathered a recession and steady sales regardless of their low-cost of entry. Long term profit-stability as a business model generally trumps massive short term profit growth. The products will reflect this.
Hemi Powered 15 октября 2019 года в 04:20
The hate is strong. Robots fighting over brands. Did you design it?
The Algonquin 15 октября 2019 года в 02:34
Fix It Again Tony!
dr. breen's beard 15 октября 2019 года в 00:09
@Patrick Lines overall they are objectively better built vehicles. Its just the way it is. You got a lemon. Every manufacture has one every now and then.. the problem with fiat is lemon seems to be their default standard
airfurce 12 октября 2019 года в 16:55 26
Main cause is worn ball joints and improper alignment.
Martin 15 октября 2019 года в 08:23
Bobby Smoke6.4 14 октября 2019 года в 15:15
Track bar bushings,upper and lower ball joints,drag link and tie rod ends on the Fords. Plus alignment 👍🏻 I concur what he said 👆🏻
Jesus Figueroa 14 октября 2019 года в 02:02
@crafty litigator that's mechanic error bro, we're talking about the common death wobble that occurs with solid axle front ends.
crafty litigator 13 октября 2019 года в 16:03
My Toyota 4 runner 4wd started doing this DW. It was more of the whole SUV violently wobbling and shaking then just the front end every time I hit 70 mph. It had nothing to do with the front end. It started the DW after having my in the gas tank fuel pump replaced. They had to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear end to lower the gas tank and replace the fuel pump. When unbolting the driveshaft they never marked the spot or position how the driveshaft bolted back up to the rear end. They also replaced a seal on the front of the rear end while it was unbolted. The part on the rear end that the driveshaft bolts on to was too tight or a slight different length when they reconnected It. They fixed it by turning something back a couple turns and bolted it back up and never had the problem again.
Jesus Figueroa 13 октября 2019 года в 11:09
@Burt Burt I believe your Tacoma has independent front suspension, which would mean that you wouldn't encounter this problem. The problem is with solid front axles, and bushings wearing out in the front axles, mainly from the track bar.
titanium man 13 октября 2019 года в 15:44 8
I didn’t know Ford’s did this too, thought it was a ‘Jeep thing’
KFStreich 16 октября 2019 года в 02:09
I thought Ford invented it
Slayer John 14 октября 2019 года в 19:43
It's probably more or less a "Jeep" problem due to the massive number of bushing parts in the steering of a Jeep. Just go to any parts store and have them pull up 1995 Cherokee and have them show you all the components. Ford's and GM trucks basically have one massive bar going from end to end with the tie rods on one side and the pitman arm (the connecting arm from the power steering to the massive drag link) connecting to it. Way less bushings involved and more likely to suffer from balance or tie rod failure before a wobble would develop.
Austin T. 14 октября 2019 года в 18:31
titanium man it’s pretty nice lookin, red ext cab on 20x14s fuel Mavericks on those 37s
Patrick Baptist 14 октября 2019 года в 14:24
Only vehicle it's ever happened to me on was 2 Jeeps, I've wore out many a ferd and never once had it happen... Not saying it won't, but it is more of a mopar trait.
titanium man 14 октября 2019 года в 03:24
Austin T. I bet that looks badass
George Washington 14 октября 2019 года в 08:11 1
Wanna know why it's happening? Because it's a Jeep, guy 😂 mine did it too, hence why it's mainly called a 'Jeep wobble'.
Владимир Бром 13 октября 2019 года в 06:58 5
Вся проблема в отсутствии ям, были б ямы, водилы б не гнали, и проблемы б небыло)
yanglue611 17 октября 2019 года в 06:31 0
Oh Gosh. Think about automatic driving. Drive on it's own as it shake hard
FlyingLow 15 октября 2019 года в 21:38 0
Looks to me they where driving while an earthquake struck. 😅
Dmate89 18 октября 2019 года в 06:18 1
I have a european estate car, never have I experienced such, but it is 17 years old, properly maintained.
Simply use the correct tool for the right task: car for the road, offroader for the off-road..
As simple ad that..
lost and confused 16 октября 2019 года в 03:57 0
I had my semi rig do that and it was a busted rib in the tire causing it
Logan Haggerty 17 октября 2019 года в 01:03 0
3:10-3:23 I’ve had it with you people and your damn gas powered engines thinking you can just shake whatever you want
ytiu1 12 октября 2019 года в 17:15 2
Я даже и не знал о таком явлении. :) смущает только такое количество видео в котором крупным планом снят именно или руль или подвеска. Не для страховых (для ремонта) ли снимались эти видео?
Matthew Fogarty 15 октября 2019 года в 01:54 1
Over the summer I got an old CJ5 lifted on 35's in absolutely beautiful condition from a kid for 1000 bucks, he said it had the "Jeep death wobble" and nobody could fix it. I put a new set of 4in lift leafs with new shocks all around, urethane bushings everywhere, bought a cheapo fr. end rebuild kit with a dropped pitman and a new rag joint set column to box, all that for just a bit over a grand. Had the alignment shop run through it and the damn thing rides like a dream now. I had a customer offer me 8500 for it so I took it. The idiot I bought it from had lift blocks front!!! and rear, about 4 inches of play in the steering wheel and the tires were so badly balanced we all thought it was done with an old school bubble balancer. I was wondering who did work this shoddy, It was one of the larger chain tire stores, Mavis I believe.
Games Official 15 октября 2019 года в 02:41 1
Машина за просто сломается, 160 клм/ч не стоит газу добавлять, у нас было дело колесо лопнуло из за тряски 170 кмл/ч это просто перебор
Vanishing Point 15 октября 2019 года в 01:24 1
Had that happen in my old jeep whilst towing a small boat...Code Brown!!!
Олег Юрьевич 12 октября 2019 года в 17:26 15
Давно такой фигни не видел......)))))))))
Jack Smith 16 октября 2019 года в 15:10 0
Кто нибудь объяснит, что тут происходит?
Avg Murican 13 октября 2019 года в 01:23 13
Why are these people continuing to drive when the DW starts?
Pull over and stop!
Giancarlo C 16 октября 2019 года в 23:35
@Bryan Liguori you are entitled to your nonfactual fiction based opinion. Have a nice day. Don't present your opinion as fact. Pompous douche.
Bryan Liguori 15 октября 2019 года в 19:48
@Giancarlo C I'm just going by how words work. You're entitled to disagree though, plenty of people disagree with established facts and it doesn't make you a bad person.
Giancarlo C 15 октября 2019 года в 19:27
@Bryan Liguori nice opinion. Thanks for sharing.
Bryan Liguori 15 октября 2019 года в 19:10
@Giancarlo C No, it's a fact. "More" is not a subjective term like "better" or " lower.". Edit: meant "lower value"
Giancarlo C 15 октября 2019 года в 18:14
@Bryan Liguori no. It's your opinion.
Иван К. 19 октября 2019 года в 04:55 0
Техобслуживание и техосмотр. Не, не слышал. Продолжай ездить, может само пройдет...
Clemens Nolke 12 октября 2019 года в 17:25 21
I work in a auto shop and had a customer come in with a GMC work van(3500) with what you are showing here. It only happens on the highway. I got up to speed 100km and it was fine, but once you applied the brakes, it would shake really bad where I would have to pull over to make it stop. What I found is that the brakes pulsated very badly from the start and when on the highway if you applied the brakes it would start to shake and start a chain reaction to where you can't make it stop. Very scary. Brought it back to the shop, checked the front end, it was good, checked the balance on all tires, a bit out , but not to affect the bad vibration. We replaced the front and rear brakes and went back on the highway to see what would happen, and all was good. No vibration at all. In my opinion, when the vibration starts, it gets to a point where it's at a point of no return. Plus, with the big tires on these work vans, it makes it worse. But the funny thing about this situation is that we only had one customer come in with this problem. We service many work vans and never came across these problem before. Thanks for posting. Enjoyed the video.
andrewkiwi1 13 октября 2019 года в 21:23
We had a jeep cherokee with the same problem . Everything you could see looked good. What we didn't know all of the diff, axle componentry and hubs had been changed over from another front axle housing that had been bent and had been that way for a while. The long axle was bent on the inner end and the side gear was flogged out in the diff. not enough to make it vibrate at low revolutions but at speed it was bad. It took a lot of finding and was hard to diagnose because it only did it under load and wouldn't do it on the lift with the wheels spinning free.(while being driven.) We ended up fitting a complete second hand front axle. it was the cheapest option for the customer.
Joe Schlotthauer 13 октября 2019 года в 02:01
@Felix Ramos
Correct, he describes warped rotors.
Most of this is a resonating frequency caused by bad tie rod ends, and maybe a ball joint...
Felix Ramos 12 октября 2019 года в 21:16
Clemens Nolke that’s not death wobble
Ray Gold 14 октября 2019 года в 04:52 0
3:14 Yup of course that’s normal. For a Chrysler product hell yeah, normal.
Андрей Лепс 17 октября 2019 года в 05:33 0
Воблинг хреноблинг ..правильно говорил,царство небесное,Задорнов...ну, тупые.. )))
brianj123458 16 октября 2019 года в 16:59 0
I had a jeep Cherokee that did this death wobble a lot I took it to the shop they replace the whole front end and it still did it I finally sold it
Jürgen Winkler 16 октября 2019 года в 19:38 0
So to prevent this just maintain your car and replace worn parts in you suspension and tires?
simon wendeborn 18 октября 2019 года в 17:51 0
6:26 love this singer !!!!
MrHillfolk 15 октября 2019 года в 03:38 0
I think they say to accelerate until it clears itself up.
Петр Хохулин 12 октября 2019 года в 18:35 9
Люфты в рычагах, что пипец. Их невооружённым глазом видно. Они что совсем не следят за техникой?
Jitenderr Singh 18 октября 2019 года в 18:52 0
Damn !!! I m gonna get rid of this possessed car within the one minute mark .. trust me
Mike V 13 октября 2019 года в 02:06 16
It smooths out when you go faster I swear!
Rays family mobile detailing 15 октября 2019 года в 02:32
Mike V 2:43
ragman17 12 октября 2019 года в 20:34 10
I cant believe this many people have camera's underneath their vehicles pointed at their suspensions.
John Hodgson 15 октября 2019 года в 07:45
@Sam Trudeau , glad you informed them.
dgrinberg84 12 октября 2019 года в 21:24
Probably to help to diagnose the problem, see which suspention components moving the most that might cause the problem.
CJ HotWheels 14 октября 2019 года в 23:43 1
That's ridiculous. Especially when it's on a new car. I noticed a majority of these were on new generation Ford F-250 Super Duty's and JL Jeep Wranglers. Brand new and already falling apart. That's why I'll never buy Ford or FCA.
Anthony Norris 13 октября 2019 года в 17:12 1
It's a big deal when it happens to you, but, it's an easy but sometimes costly fix. People call it "Death Wobble ", well that's not actually what front end people or good front end guys call it. It's called Castor Wobble.
superteckmp 15 октября 2019 года в 18:10 0
It is called the Dodge death wobble. Happens when your steering compenents needs replacement. VERY SCARY
John Byrne 16 октября 2019 года в 08:03 0
Money for cameras,mo money for maintenance .🤔🤔🤔
SickPrid3 13 октября 2019 года в 15:24 0
Jeeps are famous for this :D
mm88swrt 18 октября 2019 года в 22:15 0
Lol mostly all Chrysler products haha!!! That's why i own them ;)
Darco Brevich 17 октября 2019 года в 15:39 0
Martin 15 октября 2019 года в 08:22 0
I think it is some kind of alien secret weapone or something...never seen anything like it, in my 60 years lived life. Unreal.
Jonny Dingo 17 октября 2019 года в 00:22 0
I had it on my 1990 Ford 4x4 crew cab. Have heard it was common to happen on these trucks. Very curious to learn about it.
Damnations Warhead 14 октября 2019 года в 00:41 0
Could always get em fixed😂
Иван Калита 16 октября 2019 года в 11:28 0
Блин, на Волге 31029 выхватывал на 120-130 такую трясучку, что думал коробка вылетит через крышу...
Anon Ymus 19 октября 2019 года в 06:47 0
Upgrading everything for cosmetic appeal and never thinking about the steering components is the biggest cause
Henry Rodgers 13 октября 2019 года в 23:36 1
I've seen this on everything from an El Camino to a dump truck. Amazing to think how easy it is for your vehicle to suddenly drag you sceaming into a firey crash, just because it was jamming out to your tunes...
Happy thoughts!
Terri Webb 15 октября 2019 года в 22:07 0
Psshhhh.. send it.. its fine the faster you go the less it will happen.. keep it about 100 to 110mph and your fine.. trust me! Hey if not just make another video that will for sure do the trick!
Benjamin Esposti 13 октября 2019 года в 04:08 0
Funnily enough, it can even happen on train cars and locomotives!
Now THIS example is scary ...
...that locomotive weighs nearly 200 tons, the "bogie" is probably at least 30 tons. Yes, many tons of steel shaking violently...
I COME FROM SUN 13 октября 2019 года в 00:49 11
Suspension wear control, wheel balance = zero problems
john donovan 15 октября 2019 года в 20:47
@I COME FROM SUN yes and no. certain suspension geometry is more susceptible to it no matter what. assembly and manufacturing deviations can also cause it. it has been present on many vehicles off the assembly line. many.
I COME FROM SUN 15 октября 2019 года в 18:35
@john donovan Brand new vehicle must not suffer from it. Unless there are some specific conditions of course, certain road defects might case some kind of harmonic oscillation, is it what you meant?
john donovan 15 октября 2019 года в 07:51
you must not have seen all the brand new vehicles in this very video that are suffering from it....
RIP Donald Trump 15 октября 2019 года в 00:59
Most of the time it's a camber issue.
john donovan 15 октября 2019 года в 07:53 0
it affects 4wd solid front axled vehicles with certain geometry of the axle and linkage. jeeps are the worst offenders, fords, nissans (patrols) all get it. land cruisers (80, 70 79) tend not to. worn parts make it worse but nobody is immune. a brand new vehicle can have it, often its down to assembly quality control
no1headbanger 19 октября 2019 года в 01:55 0
Had a 02 Wrangler sport 4.0 liter I had a death wobble also, seems that jeeps and for trucks have death wobble.
Kizz 15 октября 2019 года в 08:38 0
As a retired Engineer, I see multiple problems in the videos, all of which are alarming to some degree. Worn bushings can cause 'slop' to become harmonically amplified and until you take energy out of the system, by slowing down, the shake will continue.

In every case, the drivers failed to realise their vehicle required urgent and essential maintenance. A thorough inspection of the suspension components, the steering components in some cases and the trailing suspension, in other cases, required that all joints, dampener systems, rotating attachments and cross-vehicle stabiliser bushes need to be inspected and if needed, replaced.

While allowed to continue, other parts and systems are being degraded at an extraordinary rate, and if left unchecked will lead to failure, and I guess at forty plus miles per hour, the result could certainly be catastrophic.

Each driver has the responsibility to concern themselves their vehicle is safely roadworthy, anything else is endangering the lives of others on the road. Should they continue to use the unsafe vehicle, they should be detained and have the vehicle removed from the road until such time as it is made safe.
Merica Freedomland 14 октября 2019 года в 23:18 0
@ 3:20 the most angry sounding white guy I have ever heard hahaha coming from a white guy so id know
Kyle Walsh 15 октября 2019 года в 02:51 0
First of all I think number 5:37 is like a fucking haunted car lmao blinking lights steering wheel moving on its own this video is awesome i might make 5:37 into a movie lmao what am I talking about.
Flaming Fi’yah 15 октября 2019 года в 22:42 0
Failing/ failed suspension parts
Justin B 16 октября 2019 года в 01:20 1
All that wabal is worn out parts anything from the inner tyrolds to the outer tyrolds or the cross beam or the Return shock/dampaner most common on a stearing gear not a rack and pinion system it is easy to diagnose it just have your buddy under your SUV or truck and look for any movement that is not normal if you move left and it takes a split second to move one tire a ball joint or a link in the system is bad
n325aej 12 октября 2019 года в 21:13 6
the only death wobble I've been in was on a skateboard
Tomer Sherman 15 октября 2019 года в 05:53
Yes that experience is very scary on a electric skateboard loose trucks going 20 mph
Dezso Simon 13 октября 2019 года в 14:12 2
You can hear the lady say "Dodge City" on the radio at 1:14 and coincidentally this person is driving a Dodge! 😮
The Puppet Of Everything 13 октября 2019 года в 20:04
Is that the same one with the red hood? Dodges kinda protrude from the middle while the red hood sinks in.
HolyGrail 95 12 октября 2019 года в 19:42 0
Everytime i had death wobble its always been front track bar bushings. Ive had trucks with super warn ball joints and tie rods and never had death wobble.
51 dragon 12 октября 2019 года в 17:02 20
This is caused by unbalanced tires, my truck used to do it between 50-65mph any faster or slower and it wouldn't do it anymore, I took it in to the dealer and they said it is caused by unbalanced tires so I had the tires balanced and it fixed the issue.
Ricky Hall 17 октября 2019 года в 17:42
@MrNifty yup, usually.
MrNifty 17 октября 2019 года в 14:07
I’ll agree on the fact that they can start it. I’ll even agree with the harmonics. But the root of the problem is usually something like worn out or loose parts.
Ricky Hall 15 октября 2019 года в 09:08
@MrNifty They are part of what can start the wobble. From there it's a harmonic motion which makes the wobble grow and grow. That could be prevented if things like steering parts and connections are strong enough and not worn out so that the harmonics never occur. But yes, unbalanced tires can start it, as can many other things.
MrNifty 15 октября 2019 года в 02:18
Struts/shocks do nothing but mask the real problem.
foggy460 13 октября 2019 года в 14:55
@peter zebot It is like a little shock absorber for your steering linkage on 4x4s. You can see it on the video footage of underneath the cars.
Mike Crowther 13 октября 2019 года в 21:31 0
I had the same problem on my dodge 3500 dually turned out to be the tires were to wide for the stock rims got wider rims problem solved
masterOK 12 октября 2019 года в 20:00 0
В основном на внедорожниках!!!! У них большая и объемная резина, как на самолёте шасси!
brayan 15 октября 2019 года в 01:19 0
That problem is the tires my truck had that problem until I noticed.
Jeff Carr 19 октября 2019 года в 04:39 0
Tires are bad cords are streached why are you driving that ?
Fame Shame 13 октября 2019 года в 01:20 0
Это дорога такая или подвеска сломалась?
Jared Anderson 14 октября 2019 года в 17:32 0
what causes those cars/trucks to act like that? Is it the road that causes that?
turbo2ltr 13 октября 2019 года в 21:22 0
I thought death wobble was a registered trademark of Jeep.. I guess they license it out to Ford.
Aladar horsforth 15 октября 2019 года в 20:06 0
I have independent front suspension and my truck would do it so bad that it would bloody your hands it wasn't until I added a crossmember to the frame and also a steering stabilizer shock that I was able to overcome the problem all the components of my front end were nice and tight
John Connolly 14 октября 2019 года в 04:29 0
All the furds and nocars shaking themselves to death
andrewkiwi1 13 октября 2019 года в 21:08 1
As a mechanic these are some of the things that may cause it . Wheels being out of balance, worn joints in tierods and track rods and any joint in the steering or axle. A loose or failing wheel bearing. A delaminating tyre, where the internal cords are coming away from the rubber or are damaged. Unusual ones Ive come across, worn inner cv joint on the long axle of a front wheel drive. Another one was a 1 1/2'' ball of mold release agent inside the tyre throwing the wheel out of balance. Mold release agent is automatically sprayed into a tyre mold to stop the liquid rubber sticking to the mold in the manufacturing process. it feels waxy.. It usually starts with a small piece of dirt rolling around in the tyre picking up the mold release agent and grows bigger. most of the time there is not enough of it to make a ball bigger than a small marble. That wont effect the balance enough. There are other thing that can cause it too. these are the most common.
NC redbird 18 октября 2019 года в 16:27 0
So what the heck is this? Never heard of it or seen this before. I'm assuming something is broken in the tire assembly?
Kodi's Kustoms 14 октября 2019 года в 02:40 0
Scares me because 2 of these videos were new super dutys and mine isnt doing it yet but it sways all over the road
GoodShifts 15 октября 2019 года в 00:07 1
Couple bad tie rods there eh
HardDriveUSA Me 13 октября 2019 года в 13:53 2
On my Jeep it was the steering shock. A quick easy fix.
sniperboy4life 15 октября 2019 года в 11:56 0
Looks scary.......until you search tank slappers 👀
KL 10 13 октября 2019 года в 03:47 3
Comment reading department
corey lesniak 14 октября 2019 года в 23:58 0
Get a steering stabilizer that is actually made to handle the lift and bigger tires, if you cant do simple research don't lift you're truck or buy a lifted truck.
OneHairyGuy 15 октября 2019 года в 04:57 0
Dude, your tires are out of balance. You threw a wheel weight off somewhere. You probably hit the curb and lost a weight, that’s why it wobbles at about 40 MPH.
bill bob 14 октября 2019 года в 10:17 0
you think it's bad in a car,it's ten times worse on a Harley
Split Second Magician 13 октября 2019 года в 14:40 0
Bad tie rods and or ball joints/ king pins are usually the cause
Abe Van Dyke 13 октября 2019 года в 17:28 0
What a poor excuse for a video comprised of footage deliberately used as click bait.
Hogscraper 12 октября 2019 года в 23:17 2
Recently, one of my calipers was getting stuck after I pressed the brakes and basically turned into what felt like ABS on one wheel. The whole damn thing was shaking like it was going fly apart but luckily it was a pretty easy fix once I figured out what was doing it. Scary shit when you're doing 75mph.
judgegixxer 14 октября 2019 года в 01:33 0
Notice there are no "cars" in this video? This mainly happens in 4x4's with front axles. The inherent geometry is prone to this. That is why they usually come with steering dampers. A faulty or weak steering damper will let this happen easier than it otherwise would have because there is nothing left to stop the positive feedback loop from the instigators of resonance such as: wider tires, different offset wheels, lift kits or running unbalanced wheels, warped brake rotors or mismatched or worn tires, bad alignment/camber, worn balljoints,steering racks etc etc etc.
Sergei Shadrin 14 октября 2019 года в 12:59 0
Что такое воблинг?
Joe Schlotthauer 13 октября 2019 года в 01:53 1
Clock spring at 5:40...
Rick hctep 13 октября 2019 года в 18:41 0
Get your wheels balanced or risk dying simples.
Tewthpaste 13 октября 2019 года в 16:22 2
*thats the anti-sleep system. it wakes you up when it feels that you're sleeping. my 2004 infniti G35 coupe have that too. i sold it to the dealer for $150 buck and pick up a C7 corvette instead.*
The Puppet Of Everything 13 октября 2019 года в 20:05
*Bro I would've given you $200 buck for it*