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Easy magic tricks with water to try at home

How to make a jelly fish at home
How to easily make a cool jelly fish? You will need a glass of water. Add some shaving foam on the water surface and get some liquid food colorings ready. Add a few drops of different colors in the glass. Doesn’t it look amazing? You have an awesome bright and colorful jellyfish in a glass!

How to make DIY colorful bath bombs
You can make cool and easy bath bombs yourself, and it won’t require much time! Take two cups of baking soda, one cup of cornstarch, Epsom salt and citric acid. Add a few drops of essential oil and food coloring of your preference. Now time to put one table spoon of olive oil. Mix well, put in molds and leave to dry for 4 hours. Fill your bath with warm water and give these handmade bath bombs a try!

How to paint with candies
Did you know that you can paint with candies? Well, you can! For example take a pack of Skittles, separate the candies according to their colors and add a bit of water to them. Th food coloring from the candies will make water colorful! Now you can use it to create amazing paintings!

00:27 DIY bath bombs
01:42 Cool paintings with water and ink
02:50 Magical water tricks
05:09 Huge lava cup
06:33 Paint with candies

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