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5-Minute Crafts

Опубликовано 03 ноября 2019 года
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Do you love jewelry as I do? I love making jewelry by hand that suits my style and taste. You will be surprised but there are a lot of ways and supplies for jewelry making. Besides, handmade jewelry will save you a lot of money. Polymer clay and copper wire are the best for beginners. It doesn’t matter what your crafting level, you can make various crafts using copper wire. In this video, we share a lot of jewelry projects that look cool. You can make a miniature bicycles that you can use as a keychain, adorable bookmark that looks like a duck and more! You can make matching bracelets for you and BFF and it won’t take a lot of time. Even a kid can create a bracelet from copper wire. Moreover, you can decorate it with beads or fake pearls. Also, check out how to make a cute ring with a rose. This project will take only a couple of minutes! The next idea is awesome! Make a beautiful flower that will be a cool decoration item for your home. It’s a cool idea for those people who don’t like natural flowers.
We prepared one more collection of crafting ideas from polymer clay. For example, you can make cute keychains that will be cool gifts for family and friends. Crafting clay is a perfect material for crafting as you can create various forms without an effort. Check out an easy tutorial on how to create beautiful shells or lollipops following this tutorial: cut polymer clay in strips and place a comb on polymer clay and push a but. Now you have a striped print and watch the tutorial on how to finish a cute miniature shell.

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00:22 Polymer clay shell
01:20 DIY Charm bracelet
03:55 Wire copper crafts
04:27 Copper wire duck
04:56 DIY Copper wire bracelet
11:14 Concrete earrings

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